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Reusable Female Dog Diaper

Reusable Female Dog Diaper

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Reusable Female Dog Diaper - Pants

Made of high-quality, absorbent cotton. Additional absorbent pads can easily be used within these diapers.


  • Incontinence

  • Marking

  • Female Heat

Size Detail :
XS : Waist Grith :.  8-13.7inch
S:     Waist Grith :  11.8-17.7inch
M:    Waist Girth :  15.7-21.6inch
L:     Waist Girth :  18.8-25.5inch
XL:   Waist Girth :  23.6-32.2inch

Use with diaper pad inserts for even more absorbency. 

Use with diaper suspenders for clever dogs that can escape their diapers!

1. Suitable for small, medium, and large female dogs.
2. The Velcro is uniformly made of 3.8cm pure nylon Velcro (currently on the market with strong adhesion and long service life)
3. The surface fabric is 100% waterproof and made of soft cotton fabric.

 Each Diaper has three layers of high-quality absorbent cotton. The inner fabric is made of highly absorbent fabric, and the design and structure of the product effectively solves the problems of side leakage and dripping.

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