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Dog Leg Brace

Dog Leg Brace

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Dog Leg Brace- Leg Support for Dogs

If you have a pup with leg issues you know how they struggle. This Support brace can help support their "elbow", providing stability and reminding them to take it easy. 

Key Features:

- Quick Velcro closure allows for easy on/off

- Leg support can help with pain caused by injury or surgery 

- Provides support and stability during an injury or post-surgery 

- Helps them relax their inflammation. Especially when combined with gel cooling packs 

- Helps treat instability caused by arthritis 

Key Use:

 -Ideal for wrapping legs to cover wounds. Just wrap the wound then wrap it with our support brace to prevent your dog from licking and chewing

-If a dog suffers from a knee injury or arthritis, this brace could really help them

-Can be used with a cool gel pack to hold it in the correct spot on the dog's knee.
-Provide maximum support and stability

-Take care to remove the sheath 2-3 times a day and also let your pup's legs breathe at night

-Hand Wash, quick drying

Knee pad product size unit (INCHES)

 S: height 5.71, top width 5.32, bottom width 4.13
(Breed examples: Bichon, Lasa Apso, Shitzu)

 M: height 6.69, top width 6.10, bottom width 4.72
(Breed examples: Beagle, Mini Collie, Mini Pincer)

 L: height 7.87,  top width 7.28, bottom width 5.51
(Breed examples: Terrier, Corgi, Whippet)


Quantity: one pair (two) 

Ships from overseas, please allow 8-12 days for delivery

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