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LED Light Therapy Wrap for Dogs

LED Light Therapy Wrap for Dogs

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LED Light Therapy Wrap for Dogs

 Red Light Therapy, known as the light of life!

If you're looking for natural ways to relive your dogs pain without medication, THIS IS YOUR SOLUTION!

250x faster cellular regeneration speeding up healing in all cells.

Reduces inflammation and swelling.

Enhances the lymphatic and immune systems.

Stimulates the regeneration of new capillaries and blood vessels.

Stimulates the body's positive ion response to relieve pain.

Raises white blood cell counts.

Stimulates the metabolism, which eliminates toxins that accumulate in cells and slows the aging process.

Infrared light penetrates to a depth of about 1.2" to 1.4" which makes it more effective for bones, joints, and deep muscles. 

It causes the body to release endorphins which are a natural form of pain relief.

Gentle enough to use frequently without causing more damage. 

Speeds up the healing process of post-operative wounds.   

Prevents the overproduction of scar tissue.

It is one of the safest therapies on the market today.picture of pug dog with light therapy wrap on it's leg

Healthy Red Light 850nm near-infrared light (invisible light) penetrates deep into tissue cells to help relieve pain and increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and joint pain, relieve muscle soreness, and promote cell regeneration and fat loss.

630nm and 660nm red light (visible light) acts on the epidermis to improve skin appearance and accelerate healing after sports injuries. 

Pulse Mode Increases Effectiveness - Pulse mode includes all lights (630nm and 660nm red lights, and 850nm infrared lights) which pulse energy deeper into the cell tissue, providing stronger pain relief and better energy recovery. 

Wireless because your dog will appreciate it!!!  

 SALE ENDS 7/29/24

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