Why buy from The Squeaky Toy?

Woof! Welcome to The Squeaky Toy, an online pet shop that I wag my tail for!


At The Squeaky Toy, you and your furry friend are in for a tail-wagging treat! This family-owned pet shop is dedicated to providing a wide range of unique and high-quality pet products. From wellness supplements to clever mobility products, they've got it all to ensure your pets are comfortable and healthy.


Health is important, and The Squeaky Toy understands that. We offer wellness supplements in a variety of forms. From Oils, Chews, Capsules and medicated Dog Peanut Butter, we keep tails wagging!  It's like having a personal chef and nutritionist just for us!


Mobility is Key to your dog's quality of life.  Life can bring strains, tears and breaks. Arthritis and hip dysplasia are also huge issues in so many breeds.  Every dog experiences challenges with age and having the tools to support them through those challenges is priceless!  


So, grab your human's device, visit The Squeaky Toy's online store, and get ready to explore a world of pet products that will make tails wag and hearts happy. It's a dog's dream come true! Woof woof!


A family-owned business, we stand behind the exclusive products we offer.  Each product was carefully sourced and all wellness items are made in and ship from the United States.

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